Youth Programming

We guide teens through the period of young adulthood.

Through encouragement, advice, understanding and loving patience, they're prepared for a brighter future and stronger relationships.

RFVA is dedicated to helping youth becoming wiser about relationships, smarter about sex, more skilled in communications and more informed about marriage and families. RFVA brings youth programming to communities in a variety of ways. Below is a list of our well-known youth programs. Learn more about each and reach out to us if you'd like a program within your community.

This program brought by RFVA generated more positive discussion
between students and staff than any other program we have hosted.Staff at Peter and Paul Development Center, Church Hill


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Interested in a program, volunteering your time or discovering more resources?

RFVA continues to grow as a valuable resource for youth and parents of teens in the Richmond community. We're here to help with whatever needs you might have. If you're interested in one of our classes, please reach out to Shantell Griffin, our Youth Program Manager, or fill in the form below.

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