[Male Teen Talk] benefits young men by altering the misguided traits
of manhood and enhancing their understanding of the importance of
positive thinking, personal conduct and respect for self and others." Communities in Schools, Richmond Coordinator

Male Teen Talk empowers young men to make smart choices that set them up for future relationship & personal success.

  • This program

    is a positive, asset-building relationship program to help teens become wiser about relationships, smarter about sex, more skilled in communication and more informed about identifying and developing healthy relationships.

  • We've build this as

    a collaboration with community centers, government agencies, businesses, schools and faith communities to provide practical, skill-building training for young men.

  • It can also be

    helpful in increasing awareness about teen pregnancies, creating healthier behavioral outcomes and increasing awareness on teen dating violence and abuse.

  • It's based on

    the need to educate and empower youth to become better leaders among their peers, and to increase effective communication techniques with the students between friends, teachers and parents.