On a personal note, I’ve had bad experiences in relationships before and I’m pleased to say that I found what I was looking for in a ‘boyfriend’ about a month after participating in this course. I’ve been happy in this relationship for a couple months now and I still rely on the lessons that I learned from Love U2, along with my own knowledge, to guide me. This course taught me to learn about him before making a serious commitment and I did just that. Female High School Student

Our Smart Relationships program helps teens build strong, healthy habits.

  • This program

    offers guidance on navigating the world of teen relationships.

  • We've build this as

    a positive, asset-building relationship program to help teens become wiser about relationships, smarter about sex, more skilled in communications and better informed about marriage and families.

  • It can also be

    customized for presentations of any length and can be used in schools, community centers or churches throughout the Commonwealth.

  • It's based on

    evidence-based “best practice” curriculums, developed by the Dibble Institute and has been tested extensively.

Students who recognize signs of an unhealthy relationship.
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