Building stronger men & healthier relationships
for the common wealth.

The Fatherhood Foundation of Virginia recognizes that the strength of our community and the future of our city lies in the health of the family, especially the fathers.

When our men are better prepared, marriages and families and stronger. Studies tell us that by having fathers active in the life of their families, poverty & crime goes down while emotional wellness & educational success goes up.

As our name suggests, Fatherhood Foundation of Virginia is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit purpose driven to strengthen men to be better husbands/co-parents and more active fathers for true systemic change in the Commonwealth.

For men, we equip new & experienced dads with the skills to be active, committed fathers for life. We provide all with the confidence and strength to thrive. Our vision is to become the trusted foundation for men in the state of Virginia.

For couples – starting out, in long-term relationships and marriages – we offer coaching and lead engaging programs to create awareness by providing the practical tools to pursue and sustain strong and fulfilling relationships.

By understanding the complexity and joys of fatherhood and relationships, we help everyone we serve be more successful, which makes our state a better place to live.