Building stronger men for the common wealth.

The Fatherhood Foundation of Virginia is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to building the fundamental element of strong communities - healthy relationships, marriages and active fathers. It takes effort to build a relationship, but the rewards are worth it.

FFVA is for individuals who are committed to bettering their formative relationships and families. We are the trusted resource for skills-based programs and events for relational wellness.

We recognize that healthy relationships and encouraging responsible
fatherhood are key elements of a strong community. FFVA has a positive reputation
in our community for excellent leadership and research-based training. Richmond City Health District Director

First time fathers learn from the best!

New babies don’t come with owners’ manuals. For first time dads, FFVA offers the BASICS to give men the confidence they need to be a great parent. Our participants get unedited, “real talk” info straight from experienced dads – some of whom even bring their own babies ranging from two to 10 months in age. No diaper is left unturned.

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Want to build a stronger, healthier relationship?

Contact us about marriage/relationship coaching or join us for one of our Date Nights. We offer affordable and engaging opportunities for couples in all stages that will take your relationship from surviving to thriving.

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Ready to help us build stonger men?

If you are ready to take an active role in helping to build stronger men and relationships, we have many opportunities to choose from. Whether you are a dad looking to teach expecting fathers, a person that loves to plan events, or someone who committed helping couples, we have a place for you.

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People in EVERY Healthy Relationship

From Dads to Date Nights.

FFVA holds recurring events throughout the year and offers many unique experiences for participants. We build stronger men and relationships by forming strong bonds between those in our FFVA network. Learn more about our various offerings via the links below. Stay connected by signing up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page.