New Year, New Relationship Goals

New Year, New Relationship Goals

Rebecca Blackwell

New Year and New Relationship Goals!  Many people write down New Year’s Resolutions but typically let them go by the end of the first quarter.  What are you planning as a couple and how will you get there in 2024?  These are great questions to ask yourself and your spouse or partner as you journey together – a new year and new beginnings.

Did you know that couples who plan and set goals together feel more emotionally connected and committed.  Having goals and making plans helps couples feel closer and more connected in the game of life; being on a team and knowing your goals are key.  It takes TWO for a stronger, more fulfilling marriage.  Stronger husbands, dads, couples, and families are what we are all about and where we are on a mission to strengthen all of Virginia!  Where can you start and how can you maintain these goals for a stronger and healthier relationship?

  1. Set Goals TOGETHER.  Schedule Time to sit down and discuss hopes and dreams. (Scheduling is the important rule #1 for all couples) What do you want to accomplish individually and as a couple this year?  If you have children or extended family you want to include in this discussion, feel free to add them to your list too.  Write down at least 2-3 ideas for each category (personal/individual, as a couple, as a family/in the community) Then discuss them together so you know what each other is planning and how you can encourage each other in accomplishing these goals.  You can set 3-month goals and discuss quarterly how you’re doing! (Important rule #2 – stay connected and involved regularly)
  2. PLAN Together.  Just like you made time to start and have the discussion about goals, now is the time to bring out the calendars and make it happen.  Remember that goals and plans should be SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.  Specific dates on the calendar, does it work with everyone’s schedules, what happens if a conflict comes up? (important rule #3 is to lovingly keep each other on track with encouraging words or acts of service – Love Languages anyone!)  Monthly date nights and an annual trip together are minimums for strong and healthy, close, and connected relationships!  Remember to make a commitment, trust each other to do what you said you would, and follow through.
  3. Get started and maintain:  This is where the plans and calendars come together to continue the journey.  Agree on a day and time to start, do your part, and be invested in the marriage/relationship, check in regularly, and follow up.  You could schedule a virtual coaching session to learn a few new skills or take an online assessment and do some DIY relationship strengthening on your own.

Have a wonderful start to 2024 and learn how to be closer and more connected along the way!