The Funding Fathers
Great Dads Coming Together for a Great Cause

Who are the Funding Fathers?
These 12 dads were chosen for their commitment to their families and the community. They will have until the middle of August to fundraise. They will be doing virtual spots, fun events, securing sponsors and asking friends to support their campaigns. The dad who raises the most will be crowned The Father Figure.

What and Where is The Father Figure?
The Father Figure is the Relationship Foundation of Virginia’s signature event honoring the Funding Fathers. On August 26th, 2023 from 7-11pm at The Diamond, we will come together to celebrate our great dads, amazing volunteers and great corporate partners. We will also announce the winner of the title, The Father Figure!



I am a new dad, who along with my wife, Harrison, welcomed their first son, Marshall, on Thanksgiving morning! Originally from Wytheville, VA, I moved to Richmond in 2015 after completing my MBA at Longwood University. After moving to Richmond, I joined Northwestern Mutual and have been an advisor with the firm ever since. In addition to working with clients, I love being outside and jumping at any opportunity to do something competitive and fun. Between bottles and naps, you’ll find Marshall and me playing fetch with our endless-energy Black Lab, Gunner in the yard of our Goochland home.

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I am happily married to my wife Megan for 21 years. We have three incredible children: Trevor (20), Coby (24), and Caralyne (18). Growing up without a father present in my life was challenging, but I consider myself blessed to have heard God's calling at a young age. Throughout my journey, I have been fortunate to receive guidance and support from numerous male coaches and mentors who have helped shape me into the man and father I am today. I am eager to raise funds for an important cause close to my heart – fostering better fatherhood. It is crucial that we assist young men in learning how to become exceptional individuals and future great dads. I am ready and excited to take on this challenge with unwavering determination!

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I’m a proud dad to three young adults, (MacLean, Morgan, & Sydney) and am happily married to my best friend Rebecca for going on 27 years. I believe in the importance of strong dads in our community. My dad was a great role model for me and I have tried to be one to my kids and other kids I have coached through sports through the years. I’m excited to be part of this great initiative and look forward to your support.

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Virginia has been home since I was 10 years old. I met my lovely wife, Corrine, on our first day attending VCU back in 2006. We just celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary and are now happy parents to two amazing girls, Kennedy Reese (3.5) and Holland Rose (1.5). They are the best thing that ever happened to us. While it’s not always easy and we couldn’t do it without our “village,” there’s nothing more important to us than raising our girls right. When I’m not traveling for work, you can typically find us at Hermitage Country Club or soon at our newly built home in Manakin-Sabot. I couldn’t be more excited to raise funds for dads in our community. The other Funding Fathers better bring it this year, because we’re going to set records!

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I am a proud father of 3 amazing children (Asher 4, Jones 3, Nell 2 months old). My beautiful, selfless, & patient wife Sarah and I are actively raising them in Henrico, Va. Growing up in Poquoson, VA I am the middle son of 3 boys. The bond my brothers and I share is indestructible and lifelong. It’s my opinion that this bond was strengthened with parents who helped guide, teach, and navigate this life. My parents divorced when we were young, and neither parent missed a day in our lives. My parents raised us to know right from wrong, to compete, and to be strong independent people. When they both remarried, we gained two additional parents who have positively impacted our lives immensely. I am competing because of all the titles I have held on the field and in the work force, being called “Papa” to my children has been the proudest one yet!

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I grew up in Chicago, IL and moved to Richmond to become an Airline Pilot flying airliners! I flew for a while and also repaired planes, but my true passion was Automotive Business Entrepreneurship, and now I own three auto repair shops in Richmond, 2 Auto Rescue's and Bimmer Rescue. We are growing our org at an incredible pace, looking for locations 4-6 now! I am married to my lovely wife Jennifer and I have three rockstar kids Ainsley (8), Irelyn (5) and Lauten (3). When I am not coaching my work teams, I love to sail, race cars, and I am a bee keeper! I am honored to be part of the Fatherhood Foundation, but look out dads I run FULL THROTTLE and I don't back down!!!!!

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I am honored to have been selected as one of 2023’s “Funding Fathers.". By day I am a commercial real estate professional with SL Nusbaum, a partner in a startup called InfraShares, co-founder of The Collaboratory of VA, and a board member for a few local charities Of all my responsibilities, the one I work at the hardest is being a father to my daughter Brooklyn (17) and my son Beckett (15). Some of you know the challenges I’ve faced as a divorced dad co-parenting 50/50. It has not been easy, despite growing up with several father figures along the way. No dad gets an instruction manual and I strongly believe in the work the FFVA is doing to make better dads. FFVA trains new dads throughout the state, works with inmates on connecting with family from prison and after release, and provides a safe space for dads to open up about something men rarely talk about. Please help me raise funds to support this worthy cause!

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I’ve been in Richmond for 10 years now, originally from Stafford. My wife and I have been married for 9 years and we grew up in the same hometown and went to rival high schools. Funny enough, we didn’t meet each other until our early 30’s on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. We had rooms right across the hall from each other and bumped into each other while leaving our rooms; just like the movies! We have two children; Clara (6) & Thomas (5). Clara is all about art, music & being creative, while Thomas only wants to play ball. Being a dad is my favorite thing in the world and I’m excited to to support other dads in the community.

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I was born and raised in Midlothian, Virginia. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Megan, with three sons - Declan (4), Brodie (2), Owen (2 weeks). Who I am as a man, husband and father, is influenced deeply by my Father’s strong leadership and example, as well as my experiences as a Volunteer Firefighter in high school he crucible of both college athletics and structure of my education at the Virginia Military Institute. I look forward to setting an example for my sons, and setting a new fundraising RECORD for the Father Figure and mission of FFVA!

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I was born and raised in Hanover County. I am excited to be part of the Funding Fathers and Biggest DAD party in Virginia! I have been married to my wonderful wife Crystal for 10 years, and we have 2 awesome kids, Lexi (8) and Lane (6). They are both my WHY for everything I do. I am an entrepreneur and own several local RVA businesses. When I am not working I enjoy time at the river. We spend most of our time on the Piankatank River relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family. I look forward to serving as a Funding Father and helping others along the way!

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Peace & Blessings! In many circles, I’m known as “The LinkedIn Locksmith” however to my two teenage daughters - Jayla (15) & Josalyn (13), I’m known as “Daddyyy”. I have the most beautiful love wife, Janiel and we’ve been married nearly 18 years. I’m a native of The Bronx, NY and relocated to Richmond, VA in 1996 to attend the Greatest HBCU in the nation - Virginia Union University. Professionally, I serve as Chief Connecting Officer of YBConnects, LLC. I’m a 2x Author, Speaker and Trainer. I’m also an active member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Western Henrico Rotary Club and the VUU National Alumni Association. Lastly, I’m mentored by Dr. Eric Thomas “ET The Hip-Hop Preacher” whose quote fuels my success: “When You Wanna Succeed As Bad As You Wanna Breathe, Then You’ll Be Successful."

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What’s happening? People call me “BIG Z” Zaldivar, but at home, I’m known as Hubby or Daddy. I’m super pumped to be part of the Funding Father. This foundation holds a special place in my heart because I've always looked up to my dad for being a great dad and husband, and my dad has challenged me by saying “Why not be better than me?” I have a gorgeous wife, Regina, who has put up with me for 10 years. Together we share two fun children: Zoe (5) and Zach (almost 1). As we all know, there is no rule book or manual on how to be an effective dad or husband; it is just instinct and learn-as-you-go. Help me help the foundation build and create better dads and stronger husbands.

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KRS Holdings

Kyle Stephenson is a proud dad excited to once again be supporting Richmond's only event honoring great fathers in our community. We are very lucky to have KRS Holdings as a signature sponsor for The Father Figure for the past 6 years. Cheers to KRS for their commitment to families.


Northwestern Mutual- 2023 Corporate Partner of the Year

FFVA is proud to recognize Northwestern Mutual as their 2023 Corporate Partner of the Year. Thanks to this company, we have had a Funding Father and sponsorship for the past 5 years. In addition to providing dads and financial support, their employees sit on our Board of Directors, Community Advisory Board and mentor new dads throughout the year. Congratulations for your continued support of strong dads and families.

Erica Larson- 2023 Volunteer of the Year

For over 6 years, Erica has been giving back to FFVA by volunteering, attending and recruiting couples for Date Nights and leading the FATHER Christmas collection for her company. In addition to volunteering, she sits on FFVA's Community Advisory Board. Erica represents FFVA by promoting strong family values in everything she does. We are excited to recognize her as the 2023 Volunteer of the Year.

Thanks to the 2023 Sponsors of The Father Figure