This class helped me take steps to improve myself and I learned how to connect with my children to make sure that they never end up in a place like this.IOD Participant

What better way to prepare for your future than by understanding, learning from and overcoming the trials of your past?

  • This program

    is for incarcerated fathers and works to bridge the gap between the inmate father and his children.

  • We've build this as

    a partnership effort with counties in Virginia, prisons and rehabilitation organizations to form a multifaceted approach to make a real impact.

  • It can also be

    an eye-opening experience when inmate dads deal with their pasts in order to discover their futures—and the possibility that they can parent differently from their own, often absent, fathers.

  • It's based on

    a strong desire to help families and fathers heal from the inside out, and from the realization that problems need to be fixed at the source – not band-aided after the next generation is already effected.

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